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Hardware Design Services

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We provide the best hardware design services for embedded hardware development, a critical component of product development. Board design, PCB layout, programmable logic, and enclosure designs that combine FPGAs, DSPs, microprocessors, and complex RF, analog, and power systems are just a few of the products we offer in the product engineering space, from the initial design phase to production support. PCB Designing and Manufacturing services are the most important services among our hardware design services.

PCB Design Services

Transform your schematic or circuit into a PCB layout. Looking for PCB design services? Or do you have a set of specifications for PCB design that will help you turn your brilliant idea into a functional product? You’re in the right place. Our clientele comes from a variety of sectors, including the medical, agricultural, automotive, industrial, railroad, aerospace, and defense industries.

  • Professional PCB Design Services of all types, including, Multi-Layer, Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex

  • Highly Complex & Dense PCB layout designs done with speed & accuracy

  • Advanced component footprints & library creation including BGA, QFN packages as per IPC standards

  • High speed PCB design including differential pairs, length matching etc.

  • Expertise in critical & sensitive signal routing for Analog & Digital (Mixed Signal) circuits

  • Gerber Files Panelisation for cost effectiveness

  • Design idea development, block diagram, power estimate

  • Schematic capture, BOM cost estimate

  • Enclosure/chassis design

Hardware Design Services

Manufacturing Services

Globalmavin has a wealth of design, product development, and manufacturing expertise. From concept design and engineering to prototyping and manufacturing, we offer comprehensive services. As a result, we help our customers achieve product development with a great sense of ease, convenience, and effectiveness in all manners. For your engineering projects, we have highly skilled resources and expertise that help us offer turnkey project solutions.

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